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Il Vincisangue is a gothic horror film that excudes a certain charm and a fresh vision, was written and directed by Matteo Mo – an actor and director from Piemonte, Italy, with more than 10 years experience in theatre and cinema. It was produced by the independent production company Sabaoth Film, which has supported the Sabaoth International Film Festival events since 2004. This Festival was both an ethical and beneficent scope and is held in Milan once every two years.

Storyline – A woman loses her husband in the canals of Venice under mysterious circumstances. Not satisfied with the autopsy report, she begins her own investigation to bring light to the truth. An investigator assigned to the case helps her out. The fringes of a disturbing underground world emerge, a world they never thought existed. Dark schemes and ghosts that had lurked in secret since the beginning of the world begin to take forma long their journey. The threats get stronger until they find themselves faced with what is not just the only solution possible but with a choice that if spread systematically could change the fate of the world in a wake of an unprecedented revolution. The film is an attempt to revive the gothic genre of cinema, that in Italy had a notable development from 1957, with the advent of the film “Vampires” by Riccardo Freda and the following popularity of the historical feature films of Mario Bava, to the beginning of the 70’s where the first film produced by the mastery of Dario Argento saw light.

Curiosity – Il Vincisangue is a film experiment with a very modest budget (approx. 14,000 euro). Most of the work was done with the lighting, light color filters in post-production and a careful choice of environments. The dreams play a fundamental role during the narrative’s development: visual glimpses that bring significant revelations for the protagonists’ investigatory conduct. The plot is linear, full of elements that find their exact explanation only in the final moments. Within the exploration of this very specific genre, the story unfolds giving way to brief comic asides. The setting of some of the composition’s dynamics seems to wink at the world of comics.

A word from the director: “The passion for cinema inspires me to see differently. Making cinema trains the eye, it asks the maximum: the exercise of lucidity. In the course of this revolution I think of where we have come today and in my mind I cannot help but return to genre films. Those brilliant, edgy ones, that swallow you up in the mouth of a story and then entangle you in the web of impressive scenic arrangements, forcing you to confront your own limitations. I think of the films of Mario Bava, colors projecting out that could have catapulted into us, I think of the earliest works of Dario Argento, on all the trajectories of the bird with the crystal feathers. The zombies of Romero. The aliens from the masterpiece, “They Live”. Elements more profound than we could pick up at first, during a superficial reading. Formidable styles that invite us to greater exploration. All the symbolism that calls us to recognize evil. To be watchful against it.

Il Vincisangue by Matteo Mo @ ITALIA/2014 (108 min)

Story by : Roselen B. Faccio
Script/Screenplay: Matteo Mo
Editing: Davide Albegiani
Camera: Davide Albegiani, Matisse Cimini, Marcelo Gomes, Stefania Spezzacatena
Music: Davide Costanza
Featuring: William Prestigiacomo, Mara Risitano, Antonella Voltan, Sarastella Corigliano, Maurizio Desinan, Elisa Risitano, Guillaume Goufan, Tina Venturi and with Vilma Laudelino de Souza.

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